Biberbau Toddler

Play and learn in the afternoon.

Playful learning surrounded by peers - that's great fun for the little ones. In the company of other children, new ways of interaction, comparisons and new ways to play actively support the curiosity of your child and its development.

In our "Toddler Group" we offer short-time care for children aged 6-18 months outside the "traditional" nursery care model. For three afternoons from 14:30 to 17:30 we open our doors for the "Toddlers".

This special afternoon care costs 270 euros per monththere is no obligation connected - you can decide whether you want to register to our facility afterwards or not. Just subscribe for our Toddler group, it is not binding.

One-time admission fee for taking part at the Toddler/Toddler Plus - group: 220 €

Yearly administration fee for taking part at the Toddler/Toddler Plus - group: 230 €

Security Deposit: 300 €


  • We offer great short-time-care during parental leave.