5 good reasons

  • Attachment pedagogues give your child the security it needs.

  • The Montessori concept gives your child the time it needs.

  • We follow high standards of hygiene.

  • We follow high standards of hygiene.

  • The cylinder is just one tool for your child to get to know scientific basics.

  • During the washing exercise, your child learns how to deal with everyday issues. 

  • The pink tower trains perception and fine motor skills as well as the understanding of numbers. 

  • We speak two languages and therefore stimulate the language development of your child. 

Five good reasons for the Biberbau nursery

„Strong roots and a free spirit“ - this is the motto of the KITA Biberbau. For implementing this basic idea into our pedagogic work, our concept is based on three theoretical pillars: the pedagogic ideas of Maria Montessori, early fostering according to Emmi Pikler and bilingual education in German and English. Encouraging children to learn by themselves, giving them sensitive support and promotion - this is the ideal framework for our nursery. 

For most babies and toddlers, being in a nursery means the first longer separation from their mother or father. To guarantee an easy and untroubled start, the KITA Biberbau concentrates on building a strong and continuous relationship between children and attachment pedagogues. Each of our pedagogues is responsible for four children only. This way, your child will be taken care of by the same person all of the time. This brings closeness - and confidence.  

The KITA Biberbau is located in 1000 square meters of light-flodded rooms with 5 group rooms, relaxation rooms and two children's restaurants. Each room follows and individual concept of colour and furnishing, which corresponds to the pedagogic guidelines of the KITA Biberbau. 

400 square meters of garden are available for the Biberbau children to explore nature. With two outdoor - playgrounds and one outdoor relaxation area, we can offer the right place for every occasion. 

The KITA Biberbau is open five days per week. As every family has different needs and wishes for childcare, we offer flexible booking times that fit your requirements. It is, for example, possible to book childcare for only 2 or 3 days per week, you can take part in our afternoon-offers or become a member of our toddler-group with smaller children (6-12 months). Please contact us for an individual meeting so we can find out the booking times that fit you the best. 

Get some family action in your free time - and get to know the nursery: we guarantee you family experiences in our workshops. Just register for our outdoor-workshops or preparing for the familirization in the parent-child-workshop - and we will stay in touch. Right from the beginning. 


  • Similarily created group rooms represent our partially-open concept and give good orientation while visiting. 

  • We offer healthy and child-appropriate organic food in our children's restaurant. 

  • At the children's bathroom, your child can develop its own hygienic care with fun. 

  • We support you in potty training of your child. 

  • Your child learns to keep its balance in a playful way. 

  • Your child can rest in a cozy atmosphere. 

  • Clearly structured group rooms give your child an ideal environment for its development. 

  • Exercies of practical life give an important basis for your child. 

Strong roots and a free spirit

Being the master-builder of its own development, your child designs its own day according to its needs and interests. Our aim is to support the autonomy of your child as well as the respectful contact between the children and the pedagogues and the social exchange within the group.

Our highly qualified pedagogues actively support your child in its progress. Therefore, we base our daily work on the well-known principles of Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler. 


  • The brown steps support motor activity and perception if your child.

  • How can I open my own overall? With this practising frame, your child gains independence. 

  • Bulk exercises teach your child how to coordinate hands and eyes - soon it will be proud of its new abilities. 

  • Our pedagogues constantly create new material for your child.

Help me to do it myself

Working according to the practical background of Montessori pedagogics is an essential part of the Biberbau nursery. This means: we take you child just as it is - and help him or her in gaining as much self-dependance as possible. Our credo is the main principle of Maria Montessori: "help me to do it myself". 

As we see your child as the master builder of its own development, we trust in its curiosity and inner power. We create a caring environment according to the individual character, state of development and the needs of each child. 

Montessori-Pedagogics mean learning by understanding. Your child is allowed to choose its activities freely - and to keep them up as long as he or she wants to. This free way of concentrating and the time your child is given produce a feeling of deep, inner satisfaction, which is really important for a positive development. 


  • Affectionate care for your child is our most important principle. 

  • We have enough room for your child to move freely. 

  • With different colours and shapes, there are no boundaries for cour child's fantasy. 

  • Enough room to move - also in the children's bathroom. 

Give me space, give me time.

We use Pikler-pedagogics for giving your child a secure bonding possibility. And we offer your child enough time and space to experience its own development. 

Our group rooms are equipped with high quality Pikler furniture, i.e. the bow ladder. Your child can test its own boundaries - and redefine them step by step. If it uses the rounds in the beginning just for holding on, it might soon be climbing and testing its balance. 

A second main part of our everyday routine is looking after the main needs of your child in a loving and respectful way - i.e. eating, sleeping and diaper changing. We want your child to feel comfortable at our nursery, so we give him or her time and a constant attachment pedagogue. By doing this, we make sure that we really get to know your child, to understand its individual needs - and that we can be there for him or her. 

Bilingual education

  • Language builds bridges for your child. 

  • Your child can choose its language in our libary.

  • Our pedagogues choose every book with love. .

Languages build bridges

We trust in bilingual education in German and English - right from the beginning. In the Biberbau nursery, your child has a German-speaking and an English-speaking attachment figure. Therefore, each child can figure out individually which language it prefers for the moment and switch whenever it wishes to do so. This principle of language immersion makes it possible to use the natural skills of children who are able to "listen" to their world and then playfully learn all languages offered. 

According to applied research, the best method of learning a second language is playing with words. Children's natural curiosity and their perception of different sounds and notes make it possible even for little children to understand and locate their longuistic differences. These skills are the basic key for learning all languages. 

Group size

  • 12 children and 3 pedagogues - this builds a strong relationship between children and attachment pedagogues. 

  • Your child finds its secure nest in our nursery. .

  • From 6 months to 3 years - the age mixture in our groups gives new possibilities for everyone. 

Attended and protected

For most babies and toddlers, being in a nursery means the first longer separation from their mother or father. To guarantee an easy and untroubled start, the KITA Biberbau concentrates on building a strong and continuous relationship between children and attachment pedagogues. Each of our pedagogues is responsible for four children only. This way, your child will be taken care of by the same person all of the time. This brings closeness - and confidence.

Room concept

  • Everything is available in our group rooms. 

  • Bamboo crockery is a great alternative to plastic. 

  • Our round corridor gives space for playing. 

  • Toys oftenly come directly from nature. 

  • Our garden has enough space for playing and exploring. 

Each room is an individual world

The Biberbau offers five group rooms with relaxation rooms and bathrooms attached. All rooms are multifunctional and specially designed for a good development environment of your child. In our children's restaurants, we serve organic food only. 

Around the house, we offer about 400 square meters of garden - including various playgrounds, sand boxes, nest slings and a slide. In addition, we use the ecological educational center as a playground - it is only a 5 minutes walk away. 

We look for natural materials - i.e. wood, felt, cotton - in all materials we use: furniture, textiles, crockery and toys. It is important to us to avoid flexibilizer and plastics. We prefer collecting chestnuts and letting your child create its own games while playing and crafting together. 

Meals at the Biberbau

  • Our cook prepares fresh brekfast every day.

  • We lay the table with the children and eat together. 

  • We meet at the children's restaurant for lunch. 

Healthy, fresh and organic - highest quality standards

In the Biberbau nursery, we concentrate on healthy, fresh and orcanic food for all children. Depending on the boking time, your child gets served two or three meals a day. In the group rooms, fruit, unsweetened tea and water are always available. In addition, there is a small kitchen in every group room to prepare formula milk or to be able to bake a cake with the children from time to time.  

In addition to seasonal starters, the meals include a variety of high-quality food consisting of vegetables, pasta, meat, poultry or fish. We buy freshly frozen meat, fish and poultry from a specialized and nursery-certificated organic catering service. Our housekeeping assistant prepares the food in our kitchen at the facility. Side dishes, veggie food as well as breakfast and in-betweens are also prepared freshly in our facility. Vitamins and nutrients stay int he food due to sensitive cooking.

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