• Our 2-day-offer gives some space for flexible time planning

Step by step at home at the Biberbau

Familiarization at the Biberbau is based on the Berlin model - a long-proven and scientifically researched method of familiarization
for children under the age of three. The basic principle is that the child gets used to each step before getting to know a new step.
The total duration of familiarization is 3 weeks. At the Biberbau, the admission interview takes place before familiarization. During an approx. one-hour conversation we get to know the family well and of course ask for all the important information about the family and the child. In addition to the contact information, information on allergies and people to pick up, we also ask about the child's habits on eating, sleeping and playing.
Through these questions, we are best prepared for the child and his family.

The first week of familiarization then serves to get to know each other. In the first three days, the attachment pedagogue is alone in the group room with the parent and the child for just one hour in the afternoon. At this time, the goal for all three is to get to know each other and to trust each other. Therefore, there are no separations or other children and educators. Only from the fourth day of
familiarization, parent and child get to know the rest of the group and the other educators. They spend another hour in the
Biberbau, participate in our morning circle and familiarize themselves with the situation in the group.
After about 50 minutes of time spent together in the group, the parent says goodbye and leaves the group room for about 10 minutes.

This first separation is usually an emotional moment for parents and children, whom we accompany carefully. In the following days, the visit time of the parent in the group will be reduced and the child will be extended.
Little by little, the child gets to know new aspects in the Biberbau: playing in the group without the parent, daily changing with
the attachment pedagogue, eating in the children's restaurant, brushing teeth and washing hands after lunch.
By the end of the second week, the child will be picked up before bedtime at 12:00.

From the third week of familiarization, the child starts to sleep at noon at the Biberbau. It is tought how to put on pajamas
together with the other children and to find peace in its bed. The pedagogues accompany the child very intensively in order to
give the child a sense of security and security. Upon completion of bedtime and the extension of your child's stay to the
desired booking time until the end of the third week, the familiarization process is complete. For familiarization, we recommend parents to take about four weeks of time. Even if the settling in only takes 15 working days,
the parents should install buffers. So it can i.e. happen that, during the familiarization, the child may be sick for a few days.
This automatically extends the time. It can also happen that the attachment pedagogue gets sick during the first two weeks of
familiarization. In this case, the phase must be interrupted. Only from the third week another teacher from the group can continue
the familiarization.