• Attachment pedagogues give your child the security it needs.

  • The Montessori concept gives your child the time it needs.

  • We follow high standards of hygiene.

  • We follow high standards of hygiene.

  • The cylinder is just one tool for your child to get to know scientific basics.

  • During the washing exercise, your child learns how to deal with everyday issues. 

  • The pink tower trains perception and fine motor skills as well as the understanding of numbers. 

  • We speak two languages and therefore stimulate the language development of your child. 

Five good reasons for the Biberbau nursery

„Strong roots and a free spirit“ - this is the motto of the KITA Biberbau. For implementing this basic idea into our pedagogic work, our concept is based on three theoretical pillars: the pedagogic ideas of Maria Montessori, early fostering according to Emmi Pikler and bilingual education in German and English. Encouraging children to learn by themselves, giving them sensitive support and promotion - this is the ideal framework for our nursery. 

For most babies and toddlers, being in a nursery means the first longer separation from their mother or father. To guarantee an easy and untroubled start, the KITA Biberbau concentrates on building a strong and continuous relationship between children and attachment pedagogues. Each of our pedagogues is responsible for four children only. This way, your child will be taken care of by the same person all of the time. This brings closeness - and confidence.  

The KITA Biberbau is located in 1000 square meters of light-flodded rooms with 5 group rooms, relaxation rooms and two children's restaurants. Each room follows and individual concept of colour and furnishing, which corresponds to the pedagogic guidelines of the KITA Biberbau. 

400 square meters of garden are available for the Biberbau children to explore nature. With two outdoor - playgrounds and one outdoor relaxation area, we can offer the right place for every occasion. 

The KITA Biberbau is open five days per week. As every family has different needs and wishes for childcare, we offer flexible booking times that fit your requirements. It is, for example, possible to book childcare for only 2 or 3 days per week, you can take part in our afternoon-offers or become a member of our toddler-group with smaller children (6-12 months). Please contact us for an individual meeting so we can find out the booking times that fit you the best. 

Get some family action in your free time - and get to know the nursery: we guarantee you family experiences in our workshops. Just register for our outdoor-workshops or preparing for the familirization in the parent-child-workshop - and we will stay in touch. Right from the beginning.