Meals at the Biberbau

Healthy, fresh and organic - highest quality standards

In the Biberbau nursery, we concentrate on healthy, fresh and orcanic food for all children. Depending on the boking time, your child gets served two or three meals a day. In the group rooms, fruit, unsweetened tea and water are always available. In addition, there is a small kitchen in every group room to prepare formula milk or to be able to bake a cake with the children from time to time.  

In addition to seasonal starters, the meals include a variety of high-quality food consisting of vegetables, pasta, meat, poultry or fish. We buy freshly frozen meat, fish and poultry from a specialized and nursery-certificated organic catering service. Our housekeeping assistant prepares the food in our kitchen at the facility. Side dishes, veggie food as well as breakfast and in-betweens are also prepared freshly in our facility. Vitamins and nutrients stay int he food due to sensitive cooking.

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