Help me to do it myself

Working according to the practical background of Montessori pedagogics is an essential part of the Biberbau nursery. This means: we take you child just as it is - and help him or her in gaining as much self-dependance as possible. Our credo is the main principle of Maria Montessori: "help me to do it myself". 

As we see your child as the master builder of its own development, we trust in its curiosity and inner power. We create a caring environment according to the individual character, state of development and the needs of each child. 

Montessori-Pedagogics mean learning by understanding. Your child is allowed to choose its activities freely - and to keep them up as long as he or she wants to. This free way of concentrating and the time your child is given produce a feeling of deep, inner satisfaction, which is really important for a positive development.