• Similarily created group rooms represent our partially-open concept and give good orientation while visiting. 

  • We offer healthy and child-appropriate organic food in our children's restaurant. 

  • At the children's bathroom, your child can develop its own hygienic care with fun. 

  • We support you in potty training of your child. 

  • Your child learns to keep its balance in a playful way. 

  • Your child can rest in a cozy atmosphere. 

  • Clearly structured group rooms give your child an ideal environment for its development. 

  • Exercies of practical life give an important basis for your child. 

Strong roots and a free spirit

Being the master-builder of its own development, your child designs its own day according to its needs and interests. Our aim is to support the autonomy of your child as well as the respectful contact between the children and the pedagogues and the social exchange within the group.

Our highly qualified pedagogues actively support your child in its progress. Therefore, we base our daily work on the well-known principles of Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler.