Give me space, give me time.

We use Pikler-pedagogics for giving your child a secure bonding possibility. And we offer your child enough time and space to experience its own development. 

Our group rooms are equipped with high quality Pikler furniture, i.e. the bow ladder. Your child can test its own boundaries - and redefine them step by step. If it uses the rounds in the beginning just for holding on, it might soon be climbing and testing its balance. 

A second main part of our everyday routine is looking after the main needs of your child in a loving and respectful way - i.e. eating, sleeping and diaper changing. We want your child to feel comfortable at our nursery, so we give him or her time and a constant attachment pedagogue. By doing this, we make sure that we really get to know your child, to understand its individual needs - and that we can be there for him or her.