• Everything is available in our group rooms. 

  • Bamboo crockery is a great alternative to plastic. 

  • Our round corridor gives space for playing. 

  • Toys oftenly come directly from nature. 

  • Our garden has enough space for playing and exploring. 

Each room is an individual world

The Biberbau offers five group rooms with relaxation rooms and bathrooms attached. All rooms are multifunctional and specially designed for a good development environment of your child. In our children's restaurants, we serve organic food only. 

Around the house, we offer about 400 square meters of garden - including various playgrounds, sand boxes, nest slings and a slide. In addition, we use the ecological educational center as a playground - it is only a 5 minutes walk away. 

We look for natural materials - i.e. wood, felt, cotton - in all materials we use: furniture, textiles, crockery and toys. It is important to us to avoid flexibilizer and plastics. We prefer collecting chestnuts and letting your child create its own games while playing and crafting together.